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Motor Cylinders
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The H Series Motor Cylinder is a low cost, compact, in line type electric cylinder suitable for linear reciprocating movements of lifting, lowering, pushing and pulling. Cam type limit switch is installed in HP models.Capacities (kg) 100 to 1000, Speed (mm/sec) 25 to 100, Stroke (mm) 100 to 700.

The B Series is a general purpose motor cylinder designed for industrial applications. A wear-resistant transmission screw mechanism and a unique thrust limiter allow constant pressure stops at any position. Capacities (kg) 100 to 2000, speed (mm/sec) 23 to 100, stroke (mm) 100 to 1200.

The BJ Series motor cylinder is designed exclusively to control dampers and valves. In addition to all of the functions of conventional damper and valve drives, compact size and low operating cost are additional benefits. Capacities (kg) 100 to 20,000, speed (mm/sec) 10 to 30, stroke (mm) 200 to 2,000.

The DG Series motor cylinder is a heavy duty model capable of developing a thrust of up to 30 tons. This is made possible through the use of a high efficiency ball screw and powerful reduction gears. In addition, a unique thrust limiter combines load carrying disk springs with limit switches, allowing constant pressure stops at any position. Capacities (ton) 2 to 30, speed (mm/sec) 7.5 to 72, stroke (mm) 200 to 2,000.

The NZ Series motor cylinder is a large heavy load model capable of developing a thrust up to 100 tons. Large ball screws and powerful reduction gears are used. Unique overload safety power limit switches operate instantaneously when an overload occurs. The constant pressure stop feature is not available on these models. Capacities (ton) 35 to 100, speed (mm/sec) 7.5 to 20, stroke (mm) 200 to 2,000.



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Synchro Cylinders
Synchro cylinders Synchro cylinders
The SGB Series Synchro-cylinder is a revolutionary linear motion actuator which enables high-speed synchronized operation with a wide variety of driving sources. This synchronized- cylinder is an extremely simple and highly efficient, fully enclosed mechanical linear actuator with a construction incorporating high-precision bevel gears and ball screws. Ball screws are always enclosed in tubes. Multiple cylinders can be synchronized by interconnecting them with the shafting.
  • Capacities from .5 to 100 tonnes
  • High speed and heavy duty operation
  • Full synchronization
  • Tilting
  • High efficiency
  • Wide range motor selection
  • Load holding
  • Compact and durable
  • Long service and low maintenance




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