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Gears & Drives

PT Link Systems offers an extensive range of quality geared drive solutions from G.M. s.r.l GHIRRI MOTORIDUTTORI. The comprehensive range of gearboxes includes - Helical, Bevel Helical, Worm Gear Helical Worm and Planetary configurations. Specifically designed to meet today’s industrial applications and utilizing IEC dry flange interface for motor connection.

  • MO (Bevel Helical) – Ratios 10-250:1, high efficiency, quiet Hypoid conical gearing
  • MV (Worm Gearbox) – Clean lines without fins, special water outlet, ideal for wash-down applications. Available options without modification include flanges, encoders, torque arms. Inbuilt torque limiter models also available.


Bevel Helical - MO Worm Gearbox- MV  
Worm Gearbox- MRV Worm Gearbox-MRV-LIM Helical Worm- MCRV
Helical Inline -MG Speed Variators Helical Ext Shaft- MG-C 
Shaft Mount Helical –MRP Dual Output Drive –MRV2U Planetary Drive - MEP


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